The Camas-Washougal Rotary Club awarded $9,000 in college scholarships to 10 Washougal and Camas high school students at the Club’s annual scholarship breakfast last week.
Four seniors from Camas and four from Washougal were each awarded $1,000 towards tuition at the college of their choice. 
Left to right: Jared Anderson, Nicholas Stevens, Megan Sharp, Adrienne Leon,  
Left to right: Jared Anderson, Nicholas Stevens, Megan Sharp, Adrienne Leon, Cailyn Grindy, Rachel Wilson, Lindy Treece. Not Pictured: Carly Marshall. 

Seniors selected from Washougal High School were Jared Anderson, Adrienne Leon, Megan Sharp, and Nicholas Stevens. Scholarships to Camas High School students went to Cailyn Grindy, Carly Marshall, Lindy Treece and Rachel Wilson.
In addition, two sophomores were selected to receive $500 upon graduation to help fund studies at the college of their choice. This year the grants were awarded to Dakota Payne from Washougal High School and Caleigh Lofstead from Camas High School. These students were selected out of a field of sophomores from Camas and Washougal who have been recognized every month as Camas-Washougal Rotary’s student of the month.
Rotary has a rich history of funding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study in a wide range of academic fields. Since it was founded in the mid-90s, the Camas-Washougal Rotary Club has awarded scholarships to students living in the attendance area of Camas and Washougal High Schools. This local scholarship program is designed to recognize high school students who have demonstrated a commitment to improve their community through service and to encourage them to further their education.

Scholarship funds are generated through Ducky Derby, a unique Duck Race on the Washougal River. This event occurs on the fourth Sunday in July as a part of the Camas Days celebration and has raised over $200,000 since its inception.

Dakota Payne and Caleigh Lofstead with
Washougal High School Principal Aaron Hansen and
Camas High School Principal Steve Marshall.